God uses our ashes for His Glory

Listen on the go.


These podcasts are designed to lift your spirits.

We all have stories that need to be told and no one else can tell your story better than you.

  • Encourage One Another.
  • Believe
  • Hold on to your faith.
  • Trust God, He know what is best.

Lessons of Life: Things
I have Learned, Moments I Cherish.

My Story

There are so many things that I have learned over the years being a Christian. The one that I noticed immediately is that I am not perfect.

I make mistakes all the time. One thing is certain I am not what I use to be. All the Glory goes to God. For He has transformed me into what He wants me to be. That is why I will not be silent about my God. May you be blessed by these podcasts.

There is a reason why God said to encourage one another. Be Bless!

Unlock Something New

Like so many of us on this Christian journey tough times and painful life experiences have brought us all to the place that we must share the goodness of God with the world.

Those Little Foxes Be Encourage

It's the little foxes that spoils the vine. They are cunning, cute and fast and yet we have allowed them to take from us. Check out the Website for Be EncourageĀ  Be Encouraged (wordpress.com) — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/desiray25/message
  1. Those Little Foxes
  2. Want vs Need
  3. Love your Enemies
  4. Correction-Why We need It
  5. The Familiar
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